Legal and FCC Information

World Radio Network, Inc. ® (dba Inspiracom) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and is is accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). Contributions to Inspiracom are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Inspiracom has complete discretion and control over the use of donated funds.

ECFA Accredited

Inspiracom prides itself on adhering to the highest standards of financial accountability and transparency. Our accreditation by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) underscores our steadfast commitment to responsible stewardship and ethical financial practices. This esteemed recognition reflects our dedication to upholding the integrity of our financial operations, ensuring that every contribution supports our mission to disseminate Gospel programming across the US/Mexico border and to Hispanics within the United States.

Learn more about our ECFA accreditation and its significance here. Visit ECFA

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Our Commitment to Financial Transparency

In the spirit of transparency and accountability, Inspiracom invites you to review our financial disclosures through our Form 990. This document provides an in-depth look at our financial operations, including how we allocate resources and manage donations to maximize the impact of our ministry. By downloading our Form 990, stakeholders can gain insights into our financial health and our unwavering commitment to fiscal responsibility.

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Our Privacy Policy

Processing Your Gifts

We use the information you provide to process your donations and to communicate with you about our ministry's impact and needs. This ensures that your generosity is acknowledged and utilized in accordance with your wishes.

Security Measures

We implement extensive security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, alteration, or destruction. Our commitment to your privacy is paramount, and we strive to ensure the safety of your data at all times.

Handling of Credit/Debit Card Information

We treat your credit/debit card information with the highest respect and confidentiality. Such information is exclusively used for processing your donations and is never stored on our web servers or retained for any other purposes.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Bank Drafts

For those who prefer to donate through EFT or Bank Drafts, such arrangements must be requested in writing. Similar to credit/debit card information, this data is only utilized for the intended donation processing and is not kept for any other uses.

Use of Personal Information

Occasionally, we may use your contact information, including email and physical addresses, to send you materials related to our ministry that we believe might interest you. We respect your preferences and offer the option to opt-out of receiving these materials at any time.

Cookie Policy

Our website utilizes both first- and third-party cookies, including those from services like Facebook, to enhance our understanding of how we can better serve our community. By using our site, you consent to the use of these cookies. Should you choose to, you can disable cookies through your browser settings. Rest assured, your personal information is never sold, traded, shared, or rented to any third parties.

Commitment to Privacy

We stand firm in our commitment to protecting your privacy. We recognize the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information and adhere strictly to these principles to foster trust and transparency in all our interactions.

FCC Station Information

Find the public file information for each station via the links provided below. If you have any questions or need more information about licenses, public files, or broadcasting guidelines and regulations, please visit the FCC website at fcc.gov or access a station's FCC profile through the provided links.

Station Office FCC Public File
91.7 KBNJ 3766 Saturn Rd Corpus Christi, TX 78413 [Open File]
89.9 KBNL 1620 E Plum St. Laredo, TX 78043 [Open File]
88.3 KBNR 901 Mexico Blvd. Brownsville, TX 78520 [Open File]
88.7 KEPI 2477 El Indio Hwy, Eagle Pass, TX 78852 [Open File]
89.5 KEPX 2477 El Indio Hwy, Eagle Pass, TX 78852 [Open File]
91.7 KNOG 150 W First Street, Nogales, AZ 85621 [Open File]
90.1 KRMB 429 E. 8th Street, Douglas, AZ 85607 [Open File]
91.7 KRMC 429 E. 8th Street, Douglas, AZ 85607 [Open File]
88.9 KRUC 1435 S. Pecos St., Las Cruces, NM 88001 [Open File]
91.1 KVER 11385 James Watt, B-4, El Paso, TX 79936 [Open File]
88.5 KVFE 102 Center Drive, Suite C, Del Rio, TX 78840 [Open File]
96.9 KVMV 969 E Thomas Rd, Pharr, TX 78577 [Open File]
90.9 KWRB 3320 E. Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 [Open File]
91.9 KYRM 1830 S. 8th Ave, Suite A, Yuma, AX, 85364 [Open File]